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Hello Iím state representative Denny McNamara and Iím seeking reelection to Minnesota House district 54B.
As a successful small business owner for thirty years, an active member of the community, and your state representative for the last 12 years, Iíve learned that we need more commonsense leaders who understand the impacts laws have on the everyday citizens like you and I.
I continue to offer that kind of leadership.
Many of our families continue to struggle financially. As some have lost their jobs or are underemployed as they deal with reduced hours at work. I am fully aware that you need to keep more of your paycheck during these trying economic times, not less. Thatís why Iím committed to protecting your pocketbook and fighting for you at the state legislature.
As the Republican lead of the House Environment Energy and Natural Resources Finance Committee, I am proud of my bipartisan work exemplified by my house-leading 75% bipartisan vote record.
We also need to do more of a better job of prioritizing our spending.
I believe that educating our children is the number one priority of the State Legislature. I feel it is important our children have access to the quality education they deserve.
We also need to prioritize those who are unable to take care of themselves such as our developmentally disabled and elderly residents.
As your state representative, and a citizen of the community, I have made it a high priority to communicate with my constituents as demonstrated by my many hours of door knocking in the neighborhoods. I value the input I have received from my annual surveys and session reviews mailed to you, your phone calls and emails, and community meetings. As in the past twelve years, I will continue to be accessible and available in addressing your interests and concerns.
In my bid for reelection I am proud to again be one of the few legislators or candidates who has never taken any campaign money from special interest groups, lobbyists, or PACs.
Together, we can make our community a better place to live work and play.
I am again asking for your support. Please vote to reelect representative Denny McNamara on November 4th.
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Contact Denny at rep.denny.mcnamara@house.mn or by phone at 651-437-2597.

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Denny McNamara is a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. He represents District 54B, which includes Afton, part of Cottage Grove, Denmark Township, Hastings, and Nininger Township in Dakota and Washington counties in the southeastern part of the Twin Cities metro area. He is a former small business owner.

Contact Rep. McNamara at rep.denny.mcnamara@house.mn or by phone at 651-437-2597.

Hello and thank you for visiting my website! --Denny

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From the desk of Denny McNamara:

February 2014

It has been an honor serving as your state representative for the past six terms.† Being a landscape contractor and small business owner, I chose to run for office in order to bring some fiscal sanity and common sense to St. Paul.

As an employer who was always trying to live within a budget, I found it amazing that state government rarely, if ever, chose to live within its means.† Each year, projected government spending would increase without restraint, and because of this, Minnesota has been forced to overcome countless budget deficits.

As your representative, Iíve worked hard to get Minnesotaís spending in line, while working with members of all parties to find solutions to our stateís most pressing needs.

My priorities will always be prioritized state spending, forcing government to live within its means, protecting our stateís most vulnerable residents, ensuring our schools have equitable funding, and creating a more job-friendly state that encourages employers to expand their businesses and their workforce.

But what are your priorities? Over the years, my goal has been to meet with as many of my constituents as possible, again this year I will be walking through your neighborhoods and knocking on your doors to hear firsthand how you want state government to change.† It is a privilege to fight for your interests in St. Paul, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

As always, you can reach me anytime at rep.denny.mcnamara@house.mn or by phone at 651-437-2597.

Keep in touch,

P.S. Please don't hesitate to email me anytime, and once again, thanks for visiting dennymcnamara.com!

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